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Words of Wisdom from Astronaut / Shuttle Commander Eileen Collins

Eileen Collins’ witness statement from the hearing on “The Space Leadership Preservation Act and the Need for Stability at NASA” in February of this year was short, to the point, and dead on. To whit: “I believe program cancellation decisions … Continue reading

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Free Enterprise Works – So Let It

Seeing a flurry of social media posts about the minimum wage got me to thinking that it really is a terrible idea to have a federally-mandated minimum wage at all. Companies should pay wages that are tied to an employee’s … Continue reading

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  After watching Jacquie Baly​ and Mustafa Tameez spar on the topic this morning (curiously without Chris Tritico​’s usual refereeing; didja oversleep, Chris?), I decided to go look at Pope Francis’ recent encyclical, “On Care for our Common Home”. There’s an … Continue reading

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A Few Words on the Word “Propitiation”

A fellow Christian asked me to share some thoughts on this somewhat unusual word.  I don’t know that I’ve ever heard it used outside of a Judeo-Christian context.  Since there are a few other readers of my ramblings here who are not … Continue reading

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Forget the Web Site; let’s 404 the Law!

It is with considerable amusement that many of us in IT and related fields have watched the comedic tragedy of bad planning, testing, and deployment.  It is a Very Bad Thing, a model of how any software project, let … Continue reading

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The utter futility of the current “Gun Control” philosophy, and a suggested replacement

This is prompted by a Facebook post by my son Christopher (!/christopher.chuvala), who wrote there : First off, let me say that I think gun control won’t be very helpful. Criminals will get their guns just like how drug users get … Continue reading

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